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This group has helped people like Shirley, 60-something South Memphis resident, who found herself with little family support and mounting medical costs after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Her husband rejected her and left because she was "less than a woman to him". Abandoned, devastated and depressed, she struggled with the choice between paying her rent and utilities or buying the necessary medicines and other needs in order to stay healthy and live. Because of donors like you, Carin and Sharin is able to step in and provide emotional support and education through the support group and limited financial assistance, including help with rent, utilities and mortgages. We are the only organization in this community to provide this level of service to women who are in treatment for breast cancer. Donors like you cause Shirley's story to have a happy ending.Give by clicking on the donate button.

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Boomerang promotions has partnered with Carin' and Sharin' to produce some exciting mugs, t-shirts, scarves, keychains and other items bearing the Carin' and Sharin' logo. A portion of your purchase will be donated to the group. Represent Carin' and Sharin' while supporting our work. 

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You can also support the Carin' and Sharin' Breast Cancer Support Group by sending a contribution to our mailing address. All donations are tax deductible.

Mail to:
Urban Health Education and Support Services, Inc.
Carin' Sharin' Breast Cancer Support Group P. O. Box 41484
Memphis, TN 38174-1484