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COVID-19 Response

As you know, we are now dealing with a real health crisis in America and across the world. Your safety and well-being are of our utmost concern. Until further notice, we will meet virtually.

If you have any communication or ideas, you would like to pass on to group members or simply need to talk please contact your group lead or call The HOTPINKLINE at 901-484-9624.

about us

The Carin’ and Sharin’ Breast Cancer Education and Support Group was organized in 1989, by Gwendolyn Brown, an oncology social worker, to address some of the issues related to the rising mortality rate among socio-economically disadvantaged, inner city, African-American women in the Memphis area.


To provide education, support and an outlet for socialization to women in the inner city of Memphis, Tennessee and the surrounding areas who are living with breast cancer through:  Caring and Sharing. It is simply unacceptable for any woman to suffer with this disease alone.


Urban Health Education and Support Services (UHESS) was formed in 2002 as a non-profit organization to provide oversight and resources for the Carin' and Sharin' Breast Cancer Support Group in the form of a board of directors and staff members. 

about us

This was the first group for this population in the state of Tennessee. Initially, there was no direct funding for the group, which resulted in relying heavily upon in-kind donations from various local agencies and businesses.

The group grew slowly as the target population was largely unfamiliar with the concept of formal “group support”. To alleviate apprehension, the initial gatherings focused on education and group support happened during informal meals after each session.

Through a comfortable and safe environment, fostered by the group founder, coupled with her compassionate support and intense individual social work intervention, the group began to mature and has grown significantly over the years, leading to significant expansion of programs and services.

The parent organization, Urban Health Education and Support Services (UHESS) was formed in 2002 as a non-profit organization to provide oversight and resources for the Carin’ and Sharin’ Breast Cancer Education and Support Group.

UHESS is supported by funders including: the Memphis-MidSouth Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Breast Cancer Eradication Initiative, Inc., Sista Strut - Memphis - iHeart Radio, MidSouth Assistive Technology, Spectra Group.

UHESS has research alliances with Notre Dame University, University of Tennessee, Middle Tennessee State University, and the American Cancer Society.


Services and programs include (1) a support group, (2) community outreach (3) services to newly diagnosed patients and (4) limited financial assistance to women in treatment. The monthly support group draws an average of 65 women, primarily African American, many from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.The group provides education and support for breast cancer survivors. The community outreach component includes 6-8 yearly education sessions information about breast health, community resources and referrals for mammograms and held primarily at churches. The Hot Pink Line is an information link to resources and support. A breast cancer survivor answers the telephone 24 hours a day- more than 1200 calls yearly.


Urban Health Education and Support Services and the Carin' and Sharin' Support Group are funded in part by:



Your information line for group meetings, events, and community resources. Give us a call.


support group

Sessions are held once a month. They include presentations from professionals on a variety of topics relevant to not only breast cancer but everyday life. A meal is served and there is the opportunity to connect with other survivors. Group members experience compassionate support and true Carin' and Sharin'.  There are also other special occasions that the group observes, including our annual May Celebration where we recognize survivors and remember those who have transitioned. It is a true time of celebration and an event the group looks forward to each year. Information about presenters and topics are posted to this site. 


community outreach

In addition to group meetings, Carin' and Sharin' is active in the greater Memphis area. Members participate in the Race for the Cure, SistaStrut Breast Cancer Walk, and the Motorcycle Ride by the Blue Knights. Additionally. conducts education sessions held at various locations where information about breast health, community resources and referrals for mammograms are disseminated. The agency participates in health fairs and a wide range of other community events.  


financial assistance

A program of limited financial assistance addresses the issues associated with cancer survivorship. UHESS provides assistance for group members while in therapy. Strict screening and guidelines apply and this resource is used only when other services are not available to the patient.